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Dare Devil Escapes


Steve Crawford performs a variety of outdoor dare devil escape acts, He can also tailor an escape to fit your situation as well as attempting escape challenges. Below is a list of escapes he has performed regularly. They include a remark about the environment it must be performed in. All escapes are "Self Contained" in that we provide everything except the location (MC, guest police officers, or Mental hospital employees, lighting, sound, airplane, etc.)





Swimming Pool Stunt:

This stunt is perfect for hotels, City events, and even backyard parties. Local law enforcement officials are invited and are asked to bring padlocks and handcuffs and leg irons. They begin with a strip search of Steve Crawford (in a private area you provide). An MC is speaking to the audience as Steve is escorted to the pool where he and a police officer say a few words, Steve is then cuffed, chained, and locked to heavy weights before being thrown into the pool. He presents a visible escape.

Thrown from a Plane in a Box:

    This act was designed for air shows and television. After having a parachute placed on his back, Steve Crawford is locked into a wooden box, it is loaded onto a cargo plane, flown into the sky and then it is dropped from the plane. The audience observes the box is falling toward them as an MC announces that the box is falling out of control. Suddenly, Steve's parachute is seen to open as he apparently carries the box back over the drop zone where he releases it. (a strap attaches the box to the harness Steve wears so the audience is never in actual danger), He then lands in front of the watching crowd. 


Burning Rope Straight Jacket Escape:

This works for most any venue. A long length of rope is cut into two long lengths, the first is used to hoist a sandbag into the air. The center of the rope is lit on fire as an MC announces the time it takes to for the rope to burn through. After a few words from Steve Crawford and a mental hospital employee, Steve in placed in a straight jacket and pulled upside down into the air. He must escape before the rope burns through. 


Box Escape with Vehicle Racing Toward It:

This act was designed for grand stand events (car races, tractor pulls, mud races, etc.) in that the audience must observe from the front. Steve Crawford is locked into a box built by a local wood working company. Assistants surround the box with a four sided screen and run from the area. A vehicle (generally a stock car) revs up it's motor on one end of the field. After a count down, the driver races toward the screen and finally crashes through the screen and box. The driver quickly hits the breaks, jumps from the car, pulls his helmet to reveal that he is Steve Crawford.;

Car Trunk Escape:

This act fits most venues and can be used as an after show in the parking lot finale. Steve Crawford is chained and locked inside of any car trunk possibly provided by your committee. A curtain is raised and after a countdown Steve is seen standing on the trunk. If a police car is used, a dog that is in the car's back seat can appear in the trunk.

Strapped to Tracks of Roller Coaster:

Perfect for amusement parks or carnival lots. After being placed in a straight jacket, Steve Crawford is strapped to the tracks of a roller coaster, A screen is placed over him and he makes a last second escape before the car crashes through it. 

Box Escape in a Lake:

This works for any event with a lake or large pond. After being chained and locked into a box (built by local "challengers") a crane drops Steve Crawford into the lake. He surfaces after a long spine tingling wait.

Welded Steel Box Escape:

This fits any venue and can be performed surrounded. A steel box, provided by a steel company, is examined before the attempt. Workers place Steve Crawford in the box and weld the lid in place. A screen covers the box and Steve escapes. The crowd is immediately allowed to examine the box to find it remains welded shut. It is a solid mass of steel.

Buried Alive:

This act requires that a hole not only be dug, but that the casket remains in the ground after the performance. Steve Crawford is placed into a coffin and lowered 6-8 feet deep. A microphone with Steve allows him to speak to the audience as he is buried. The audience hears Steve choke and his voice fades out. He finally emerges from a screen, covering the loose dirt, dirty and staggering.

The Chinese Water Torture Cell:

This act works for most any venue but we recommend it viewed from one. A tall frame stands above an upright tank of water. A large sign offers a $100,000.00 reward to anyone who can find any gimmicks in the tank or the stocks locked to its top. An audio track plays all day, explaining the act and giving information about Steve Crawford and the Act's originator, Harry Houdini. Your guest are entertained all day with an on-going chance to examine the prop, both before and after the event. At performance time, Steve Crawford will hang from his ankles after having been locked into a set of stocks. He will be lowered upside down into the tank containing more than two tons of water. The stocks are then padlocked onto the outside of the tank. Even if he had the keys, escape would be impossible. In an apparent near-death attempt, he will escape, coughing up water and staggering from the drawn curtain. This is an act that will keep them talking! The stunt can be presented 2 or 3 times daily.



























Head Shots


























Crawford's hypnosis shows begin by including a demonstration involving everyone in the audience! Steve causes the audience to see his head grow larger and larger on his command. Then, after a count to 10, his head shrinks to the size of a lemon! But, those who come on stage are the real "Stars", They become famous singing stars, super models, and even aliens. Volunteers also do the twist in a Chubby Checker dance contest. The participants in Steve's show remember they had a fun experience (the audience will have to fill them in on the details), learn to sleep better at night, and learn how to have greater success and confidence in everything they do. Important messages are included about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and their effect on the mind.

Steve does not claim any "special powers" over others. He became interested in hypnosis after meeting with a hypnotist that came to his own high school. He entertained audiences as he studied psychology and theatre in college at Northern Oklahoma College, Rose State College, Oklahoma Baptist University, and Oklahoma State University. He is a graduate of the "Silva Method", a member of the National Guild of Hypnotist, the Professional Association of Hypnotist and studied under three hypnotist, including Dr. R. E. Bellows. His programs are unique, fast paced, fun, clean, and educational as well.

We are always willing to work with schools or groups that have a special financial needs and will also give discounts when we can do two or more shows in the same area. We look forward to working with your school in the near future.






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